Tuesday, July 26, 2016

My Little Loves

I love lots of things... So I made this page in my art journal... 

•Lists, Lists, Lists• Thunder and lightning• Game of Thrones• Smell of rain• salsa verde• deer poo ice• tortillas• Reading Dates• Netflix• Volleyball bruises• porch swings• Piano• Betsy• Pillows• Scalding hot showers• Target• Dun Nation• Libraries• General Conference• Gilmore Girls• Kelson• The Olympics• Alex and Ani• Cafe Rio• Handwritten letters• painting my toes• Purell• puddle jumping• heart to hearts• My cardigan family• a fresh shave• My Timmy blanket• The Walking Dead• Pentatonix• Russian Literature• popcorn• Marc Alan• The Oxford Comma• Song lyrics• Sunsets• Days Off• Bookcases• gel pens• My mini-mission to Slovakia• Maxwell• "My Drink"= 1/2 Diet Cole and 1/2 Dr. Pepper•  Criminal Minds• Ice cold milk• Jack Stephen• Milk Duds• Jigsaw puzzles• Hope• Goodbye Books• Fairy tales• Architecture• Coral colored anything• Oatmeal cookies• Celestial Rooms• Carmela Alejandra• Kelime Cheesecake• Balloons to Heaven• new pens• Spotify• Crooked pinkies• Summer storms• ECards• Blogging• Jewel Ann• Colored Skinnies• Football season• Castles• Inside Jokes• Psychology• So you Think You Can Dance• Bonge Watching• Traditions• Oreos• Nicknames (for EVERYTHING)• Clarissa• Laying out to tan• Volleyball• Bookclub• Journals• Golden State Warriors• Silent laughter• Ashley Oink• Mint green• Deadliest Catch• Doing the dishes• My mom• collages• Fall fashion• Cookie dough• Sheet music• Sherlock Holmes• New Restaurant Openings (NROs)• Temple Hopping• Office supplies• Timmy and Teffie• Sleeping in• Gymnastics• People Watching• Memoirs• Washi Tape• Snail mail• All things Harry Potter• Polka dots• Maxwell snuggles• Fonts• We 💜 it• Duani• MAC makeup• hugs• iTunes• Scarves• 49ers• French fries• Tumblr• Mich Grassi• Neuroscience• Momma Shelli• Packing• Ellipses• Movie night• Rapping (trying to)• Dr. Drew Pinksy• Amazon Prime• Swig cookies• Bare Minerals• ER• Balloons for my Daddy• Oatmeal• House M.D.• Pinterest• Eminem• Goodreads• Stephen Curry• Reading by flashlight• Superfruit• Dry shampoo• Survivor• Amazing Race• Chunky sweaters• Post Its and tabbities• Jenny Lawson• Cheesecake Factory pins• Movie quotes• Finishing the last page of a journal• Jack Bauer• "My Quarter" from Kim• Wordsearches• Good hair days• Lara Love• Autumn leaves• Waterfalls• PINK sweats and hoodies• Starfish• IMDB• My kindle library• Shellby• #KenandKendallDancing• Smelly Stan• "Butterfly Kisses"• Frooties• Shemar Moore• What's Up Doc and Clue movie nights• Instagram• The perfect song for that moment• Emily Elizabeth Roe• Vacuuming• Reading through old journals (mostly to laugh at myself)• Pam (my Sis)• Splash Brothers• Art journals• Crape Myrtle Trees• Chelsea "Chip"• Marathon chats with Pam• hoodies• blogging• Reading• All things Chelsea Handlet• Singing in the car• Organizing• Kneaders Pumpkin Bread• Clocking out at work• Wandering through bookstores• Fun and Warm socks• C.S. Lewis• iPod• Scömìche• Cleaning• Time with my sibs• My Patriarchal Blessing• My Quote Book• Brenè Brown• Sound of the ocean• Stickers• New garments• Aqua• JCW dollar cones and shakes• laughing with Marc• Space heaters• Freshly laundered sheets• Purple• salt• Giggle fits• Swear words• Cards Against Humanity• Brie "Twin"• reading in the sun• helping others• Butterflies• Being completely covered with blankets• Modge Podge• Baseball tees• Double Rainbows• Dr. Ellis• Big Bang Theory• Espra• Pretending I can dance• Ticket stubs• Music Therapy with Lynette• Floral Prints• Frashly mowed grass• Guardian angels• Journal tryouts• charcoal gray• Listening• Movies• Accents

Obviously I love lots of things and I am sure there are many more than I can't think of. But this have me the chance to back back and remember all the things I care about in life. Hopefully you'll learn something new about me.