Monday, June 30, 2014

I'm Goin' on a Camping Trip

I was presented with an interesting opportunity yesterday while perusing my News Feed on Facebook. Twin posted that she was excited about starting at Camp NaNoWriMo on Tuesday. That Camp will serve as a sort of catalyst for her to continue working to get her novel completed.
What is this? I'm intriuged! Trurns out that in the months of July and November (november being National Novel Writing Month) this site opens up to thousands of budding novelists, so that they can give themselves the chance to put themselves on a month long spree to write like crazy... Giving them the chance to put their words out there, get feedback and encouragement throughout the month. Virtual Writing Camping... I was hooked. What could possibly go wrong?
Now I find that I am not so sure. I "technically" have a blog, (this blog) that I have never been able to string longer than a couple of consequtive months of posting on. Becoming a published writer has been on my Bucket List for years; that I want to write my own book, tell MY story... That goal has sat there, a dream floating in my mind for a long time... I have spent more of my free time reading and writing for most of my life... But I have found myself stuck teetering back and forth.... There's the short-lived, intense spark of fire and confidence telling me, "Why not? You absolutely could do that! There has to be someone, somewhere who would be able to surf on that crazy brainwave that I live on" Then to, "Nobody would want to read what you have to say. It's not that exciting, not smart enough, clever enough, original or important enough to have any one but yourself to take the time and enjoy reading through." And that's when my dream balloon would slowly deflate back down into hiding until the next gust comes through.
But I jumped on the idea and told Twin that I wanted to join in. That I wanted to write my own book, that I could do it too. Even though the start of this Write-a-Thon was less than 2 days away and I had NO concrete idea as to what I wanted my marathon story to be. Will I tell "My Story" as a memoir, as a fictional story with a character plot that mirrors my own experience, or some other random story coming together that has absolutely nothing to do with me? Perhaps I have inflated my balloon a bit too early to last through this party.
But, tomorrow Camp NaNoWriMo opens and I have a goal of 50,000 words to hit by the end of the month. I am in a Private Camp Cabin, with I believe 5 other aspiring writers, who know each other through some degree of association. So, I guess these 5 are going to have front row seats to my potentially disappointing circus act. Which is the cause of a bunch of my anxiety. But, I suppose that in the chance that my Writing Act is not as hard on the eyes as I fear- Hey! At least 5 people were there to see it! 

I have only been camping three times in my entire life, and I have never found it enjoyable. I have woken up panicked and disoriented with vertigo, bug bitten, burned by a ember from our campfire, and stuck painfully holding my bladder and bowels for 3 days until I could get back to a civilized and sanitary bathroom.
I am pretty far from being a Priss, but apparently involunatry constipation in the wilderness is where I draw the line.
Hopefully, I come back from Camp in one piece.