Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Funnies (Week 20)

"It's Baaaaaaaaack."

(I know that spelling makes it look more like a sheep language than the sing-song voice I was going for.. but I can't figure out how else to spell it... SO, I'm going with it)

Anyways... As I am yet again trying to stay more current with my blogging, I will attempt to restart my weekly post of "Funnies," that usually is inappropriate enough to make it seem as though I don't acknowledge that it's the Sabbath. But, there is nothing like breaking up a mundane Sunday than a glorious Ecard, or whatever else tickles me. Today's is not vulgar, but still enjoyable all the same...
Especially, for anyone who would be standing at the gas pump right there with me chewing on their fingernails, twirling their hair, tapping each foot only in increments of three.

Which number would you want to stick with? 
(or does your OCD make it too difficult for you to even make a choice?)