Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spring, Crazy Cells, and Other Such Nonsense

I'm feeling completely unmoved, uninspired, uninteresting. I find myself every couple days or so logging in to Blogger, fiddling with a post draft for 15 minutes, writing maybe a handful of jumbled thoughts, then logging out as I can't figure a way to put anything together.

I often find myself completely baffled as to why My Brain; the 24-7, obnoxiously relentless beast of burden that it usually is... decides to shrivel like a freshly salted snail the moment I try to put that hyperactive mob of cells to good use. My lack of creative output is not for lack of effort. I try ALL DAY LONG to ask why this Olympic Overthinker, can't slop together an interesting reading snack for anyone who happens onto my blog...
I probably should try to ask that question less.
Because when I do... you could pluck ANY random cell from my body, put it under a microscope, and watch the same snotty, gum-smacking teenager jut her hip out, roll both eyes, proudly flip you off with one hand while the other holds a cardboard sign with,
"Nice Try! Still too stubborn to cooperate with you, Dumbass!", I hate that little bitch...

Today has been a gloomy, overcast and slightly rainy disgrace of a good Spring day... We have yet to have a couple consecutive good weather days this season. It is supposedly going to rapidly improve this week, but that weather report doesn't seem to make me any less grouchy. And what else are grouchy, gloomy days for other than sweats, useless TV watching, and good quality List writing.

Reasons I am excited for Actual Spring

-To start my rapidly induced Sun Overdose
-Tulips at Temple Square
-Hours and Hours contributing to the crazy mess that is The Lazy River pool at 7 Peaks
-The fact that many, many books will finally move off my "To Read" list
-Frozen lemonades, watermelon lime Slurpees, JCW dollar cones, cherry limeade, pomegranate froyo with raspberries, and apparently anything else that is cold and delicious   
-Grass volleyball
-Hiking up to the top of Bridal Veil Falls to journal with Barney
-Road Trip reunion to Cali with Barney to celebrate JBubby's birthday. To refill my Family Crazy Cup
-The chance to sport my new coral polka dot bikini bum
- And that I will stop hearing this girl I know constantly complain about the awfulness of winter, about how friggin cold she still is in 60 degree weather, whining about the fact that it isn't warmer yet, and on and on and on.... She's SO DAMN annoying!!!
But, unfortunately, that Cranky Connie and I are the same person....
I am still on the hunt for someone who could kick her punk ass once and for all without damaging mine... (Any capable applicants can please contact me immediately)

I guess I will give today's post a break and just hit publish now, otherwise you would never have even known my computer was on today.

That and apparently I have lots of issues with little miscreants living in my cells that need some dealing with... Must consult the experts...
Web MD here I come!!!! :)