Friday, May 31, 2013

"Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep...

..I like this more than counting sheep. 
If I should die before I wake
Make sure D's ass in Hell shall bake..."

Yup. I just made that poem up... I blame this past week's Sunday Funnies post for any and all of my inspiration.
Yup. I know that it might be slightly sacrilegious to swear and damn someone in what is supposed to be a prayer. 
Yup. I may never be able to say the original prayer without finishing it off with this little snarky snack at the end. 
No. I don't need a spiritual intervention.
No.Your offended opinion won't change my proud little moment of creative snark.  
No. The contrasting content of the two parts doesn't make it any less true... or any less awesome (at least to me).  

Sweet Dreams