Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Funnies (Week 3)

So... This is going to be yet another example of my extremely inappropriate humor.. But, I'll just roll with it.
This past Christmas, my lovely friend C, gave me this as part of my present. 

What is it???

I'll tell you! It is this spiral bound booklet with 2 sets of pages that you randomly turn to create new "curse words." Some of them come out better than others. However, for whatever reason my picks end up being the most disgusting combinations. No lie. Other people have given it a whirl and they come out mediocre...

I told myself that no matter what came up for me when I was taking these pictures I would post... But, even I have limits apparently of what I will post publicly as attached to my name. The first of the 2 words that came up I don't even say aloud. So, I had to go back on my initial deal and post option 2. 


If you can use it in a sentence this week.... I donno what I'll do, but you'll get some kind of prize from me :)
This gift has more than paid for itself in personal entertainment value