Monday, January 21, 2013

Gold Rush!

The Niner's are heading to the Superbowl!!!!

I must admit... I have honestly LOVED watching more football this season. Normally I watch the "big" games and almost all 49er games, but not much more than that... But this year; in order to get to know more people from work and have new things to talk about that how high my crazy meter currently is, I signed up to be in a weekly football pool. Quite simple... Each week you pick your winner from each game, and the person with the most correct picks, wins the pool and the money. And while I never won the pot, I sure did enjoy watching the faces and sweat off of my coworkers as I was 1 of only 2 females in this pool of almost 30 and I never fell lower than 4th place. In case you can't imagine, that drove their caveman-adrenaline-beer belly-man-selves bonkers. and I love every moment of that.
Anyways. my fantastic team of red and gold came out on top today over Atlanta! Meaning the boys are heading back to the Bowl!!!
All this football makes me think so so so much about my Daddy... Growing up as his daughter, watching him root for this team year after year... Throwing HUGE Superbowl parties at my house back when Steve Young, Jerry Rice and crew were ruling the field. Growing up my parents also had 2 season tickets so we my mom, brother and I would take turns getting to go to the game with Dad. I loved the days that I got to go with my Daddy. We would get all bundled and warm in our red and gold garb, drive to Candlestick Park, maybe do some tailgating. Best part of the tradition for me? Getting my San Fran fresh sourdough bowl full of clam chowder (I have NEVER liked clams, but there is something about the crisp ocean air, the game, the company that made it all taste magically delicious)... My daddy would give me the binoculars to watch the game with...Really I was watching the cheerleaders as I never really understood what in the hell was going on on the field... Anytime the loud boom or noise signifying a Time Out or the end of a Quarter I would grab my Daddy's arm and ask, 'Is it over yet?" I think that 3+ hours was a bit much for me.
During Halftime as the cheerleaders were doing their thing, people were restocking on food and beer, the mascot would be seen dancing around on the field or running through the bleachers giving high-fives and posing for pictures... I would assume that he was a gold miner, wearing a jersey with "Sourdough" on the back. The confusing part about Sourdough Sam for me was the huge sombrero he had on his head.
 "Burrito Man" 
While my dad was still alive, and when it becomes currently relevant, my mom LOVES to tell people that I would scream so loud trying to get him to come over by us "BURRITO MAN!!!! BURRITO MAN!!! OVER HERE!"     and the answer to you potential question is... No, my Mexican-ness knows no bounds. Everything is tortilla related.

Wow. there was an unexpected trip down Reminisce Road... Sorry about that... Anywho, I happened to be at work yesterday while the game was on, and the closer the game came to an end, the less and less productive I got on shift... Celebrating the win with a mini-happiness-hop and high-fives to the strangers that were sitting up at the bar at work. Almost immediately following the time clock reaching 00:00,
I get a text from my mother, "Your daddy is so happy right now!"  I wasn't expecting that (surprisingly)... and I immediately welled with tears, right there on shift. I sat in the office for a few minutes with my fave manager, SS, got recomposed and then went back to it.
The hardest aspect of it being how right my mom was. I could just see his face, could almost feel his excitement. More often than not, I have to look at a picture of him or try comprise up pieces of how I think his voice sounded like when I want to remember him now. Even though the 49ers winning is a great thing and imagining him happy and watching this game from Heaven makes me so glad... but I still miss him so very much. I wish that I could hurry home a week from Sunday and decorate the house, jerseys everywhere, pizza, popcorn, laughing, cheering, screaming at refs. Like everything that surrounded him, I miss his magic. He made everything more fun, more special... The Superbowl is a huge display of athletics, a vie for the best commercial advertising, the end of a long season and there is a chance that if for only just those 4 hours, there's "nothing finer than a 49er!"