Thursday, January 17, 2013

Check It

  • 7 shifts at Le Cheese in the next 6 days- CHECK
  • Severe hypotension causing me to need a BP cuff to let me know if and when I am allowed out of bed in the morning (what a lovely flashback to daily life at The Mansion)- CHECK
  • Decreased kidney function with the consequence of having a catheter threatened constantly- CHECK
  • Due to the complications expressed above... Needing to bring a cardiologist andnephrologist onto my treatment team- CHECK
  • Record low temperatures for the last few weeks turning my already cold blooded self into a full blown icicle- CHECK
  • Negative amount of money in my bank account- CHECK
  • The caring, yet completely unwanted suggestion to be admitted for a 2 week medical stabilization, either to The Mansion, Psych Ward or Medical Floor of the hospital- CHECK
  • Having my T go out of town again for the next 12 days- CHECK
  • Having my M.D. out of the office during my most medically compromised week- CHECK
  • Feeling completely frustrated that all of my physical problems have nothing to do with where I am at in my recovery and feeling scared that people won't see that and just assume that my symptoms are due to my eating disorder- CHECK
  • Writing an entire blog post of a checklist of all the annoyingly whiny aspects of my current experience, just to highlight all the reasons why I am the pain in the ass I am currently-