Friday, December 21, 2012

Ze End of the World

"What would you do if you knew you had only one day to live?"

I never know how to answer that Get-To-Know-You question. Seems far too touchy feely for me. But since The End was supposed to happen today and didn't (Shocker), I'm going to take my activities of the day and use them as my answer. So, apparently, if I only had one day left to live

I would:
-I wake up for day 6 of my uncharacteristic Christmas week illness.
-Give quick ride to an old friend I wasn't planning on seeing today
-Spend 7 hours working at Le Cheese serving ungrateful Holiday Happiness Suckers... with a mock smile and my sexy frog prince of a voice
-But getting to spend 45 minutes with my Timmy (the "need" I've been neglecting for far too long... The hug I have been missing for months.)
-Phone (and therefore) high octane laughter time with J. Full of incessant mockery of Hawk, Sheldon references, my latest work rant and our perfect amount of advice-ing.
-Home to finish my latest book and to watch my newest movie obsession, for the second night in a row, (Pitch Perfect), with my Best. "Acca-Believe it!"
-Now to my nightly chug-a-lug of NyQuil and making a list here on my blog of how I'd spend my last living day...

Pretty well rounded I must say.

I guess I can die happy.

This is just a YouTube video Marco and I used to watch and quote all the time. Just Random Humor