Friday, December 21, 2012

Le Cheese Icebreaker

Steph and HP Question of the Day...
"Which Disney animated character would you be?"

This one caught on fast. I have 6 pages of server pad paper full of my co-workers and their character counterparts. As with any Q.O.D. you can't nominate yourself into or out of what is chosen for you. The more you fight it, the more you ARE what you are trying to get out of.

K: "I don't want to be Ariel!"
Me: um... She's a princess. There are only like 6 of them. It's better than Randall from Monsters Inc. or one of the nameless "bench triplets" that follow Gaston around Beauty and the Beast.
K: If I have to be Ariel, I don't want to be anyone.
Me: That's exactly something Ariel would say.

HP: I think BG should be the Magic Carpet... As he is of service but never talks.

DD: Tim (our General mgr) should be the whale from Pinoccohio... Because he swallows you whole.

Me: Who would D be?
HP: Hmmm.. Crispy Crab Bites...
Me: (already laughing) Why?
HP: Because its the closest thing we have to an STD

I went almost the whole shift without getting named. Then HP came up saying that she found one.

Yup. Sally.
I was intrigued to hear the reasons why as I couldn't quite make the connection.
MC: because she loses her arm...
Me: wha?????
HP: because she is twiggy and has long straight hair
Me: I thought it was off characteristics HP? :)
HP: Well she seems scary but actually is really sweet and takes care of everyone.

Alright. "Nightmare" Sally it is.
Yet another nickname.
I love it!