Sunday, June 17, 2012

What I love about this summer

Reading in the sun EVERYDAY!

I'm officially moving in with my best friend in the whole wide world. I can't ask for anything more exciting than that. We have been talking about it and wanting to do it for YEARS and now it is actually going to happen.
Plus, the third girl who will be living with us... Whom we have never met, seems to be JUST LIKE US... We love the same TV shows, all three of us love reading, we are all clean and more shy-home-bodies than party-drama-social-extroverts. (I haven't come up with a nickname for her for this blog yet...But, its definately on the horizon. It's going to be amazing

Spending hours at 7 peaks, laying out, cooling off by clogging up the Lazy River with our double tube, more laying out, frozen lemonades, reading and REPEAT until toasty tan, tired, and signifcantly farther in the novel I'm reading

Getting back into playing volleyball again. Barney and I have been peppering on a sand court by her place and it has been so much fun. And, I was asked by someone at work to be an alternate on his coed grass team... Now, I have the itch.

Slurpees- I am tried and true Cherry flavored Slurpee girl; but I may be cheating on Cherry with the new Watermelon Lime one. Can't help it. Too irresistable.

Sleeping with a blanket to be cuddly, not because my toes are falling off

Sports Bras

The 2012 Summer Olympics are coming!!!! Which means volleyball, and gymnastics and more volleyball and beach volleyball...

HagenDaz Salted Caramel ice cream bars... They are HEAVEN!

Hiking up in the canyons, sitting up on the top of Bridal Veil Falls with my journal and shades. Best place to clear your head and think. I want to make another trip down to MOAB this year too.

I'm so jazzed for this summer. There is a lot of change coming my way... But I'm mostly just excited. For so many years I have been so blah and boring and bummed out by life that I never got out there and enjoyed my summers. Hiding my body and curled up with all my own madness. Not this year! I am determined to make my life something worth remembering. I want smiling and laughing and just being as the norm.

I'd list more; but I'm going to be seriously late to work if I don't get moving.
So, bring it Summer. This b*tch is taking you on in a bikini.