Saturday, June 16, 2012


Alright peeps!
Enough is enough!

I have been typing incomplete blogs, staring at them, wanting to take the next step, hit post and have been dying to rejoin the blog world for almost 4 months now. I literally have dozens of saved blogs that I have started and most are finished but never posted.

1.  Because like with everything else I do, the longer I go without doing something, the longer it is out of my "routine," the more impossible I make it to go back. Anyone who has ever wanted to stay in contact with me after a time where we weren't talking often, Whatever the reason, knows EXACTLY what the short end of that stick looks like.
2.  I hate that there will be this big window with no posts. They are missing. And I don't want do a marathon recap, and I don't want the things that are going on right know to not make sense because I got cyber-shy. My certifiable need for everything to make logical sense and be in order would rather delete this blog and start an entirely new one than ever dare to try and come back with all that time unaccounted for.
(If any of you readers or bloggers have ever experienced anything like this and have any advice, I'm all ears.)
3. Because I still believe most of the time that nobody wants to read about my life. Not in a "Pity-Party-Everybody-Hates-Me" way; but more that there have been too many moments when I write something, look back at it and say, "Who the hell cares? This is not interesting. Anyone who wants to know this stuff or thinks I am funny or anyone who wants to hear my often inappropriate antics and random thoughts knows where to find me. So why write a blog about it?"

Because i want to.

Like it or not... Interesting or not... Amusing, relatable, inspiring or not...
I want to.
End of story.

I'm back.