Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Twelve For '12

Fun fact about me... I hate (Sorry JBubby, "dislike") the word resolutions. And most likely via the influence of The Mansion, I have decided to set 12 Goals for this year. My T didn't even want me using that phrase and to instead focus on certain "themes" for the year.. Nope, Gag... It has taken me a few days to whittle my options down and settle on a list...
but here it be...

1. Read 65 Books (moving on up in the reading world)
2. Get My Passport. Go to Mexico, Go to Canada... Just GO!
3. Blog at least once a week (we'll see how this one goes.)
4. Complete a "crafty" project- Oi. Another rough one
5. Read the entire Book of Mormon (Again)
6. Continue to build close relaionships with my fam.
7. Have a Completly sober year
8. Get another car- I'm becoming desperate.
9. "Speak"- With Timmy and Tash there to cheer me on
10. Journal. Even when the journey seems too painful or too boring to mention. (you regret not doing it EVERY TIME)
11. Date. More than once. Move closer towards an intimate relationship.
12. "Meet" with Dad at the ocean.

Just because I can, and because it will be worth all of the inside joke smiles...