Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Twelve For '12

Fun fact about me... I hate (Sorry JBubby, "dislike") the word resolutions. And most likely via the influence of The Mansion, I have decided to set 12 Goals for this year. My T didn't even want me using that phrase and to instead focus on certain "themes" for the year.. Nope, Gag... It has taken me a few days to whittle my options down and settle on a list...
but here it be...

1. Read 65 Books (moving on up in the reading world)
2. Get My Passport. Go to Mexico, Go to Canada... Just GO!
3. Blog at least once a week (we'll see how this one goes.)
4. Complete a "crafty" project- Oi. Another rough one
5. Read the entire Book of Mormon (Again)
6. Continue to build close relaionships with my fam.
7. Have a Completly sober year
8. Get another car- I'm becoming desperate.
9. "Speak"- With Timmy and Tash there to cheer me on
10. Journal. Even when the journey seems too painful or too boring to mention. (you regret not doing it EVERY TIME)
11. Date. More than once. Move closer towards an intimate relationship.
12. "Meet" with Dad at the ocean.

Just because I can, and because it will be worth all of the inside joke smiles...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Books Of 2011

As you may or may not know... One of my goals from this year was to read n average of 1 book a week, or 52 total for the year... I'm here to say that..
Here is my glorious list.. and I shall give my top 5 at the bottom of the list.. Man, I am so grateful to have my brain working better, so I can devote more time to deviouring novels...  (list in chronological order)
1. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo- Steig Larsson
2. The Hunger Games- Suzanne Collins
3. Catching Fire- Suzanne Collins
4. A Walk in the Woods- Bill Bryson
5. Unbearable Lightness- Portia DeRossi
6. Lucky- Alice Sebold
7. I Am Number Four- Pittacus Lore
8. Tweak- Nic Sheff
9. The Girl Who Played with Fire- Stieg Larsson
10. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest- Steig Larsson
11. The Right to Innocence
12. Ella Minnow Pea- Mark Dunn
13. A Child Called "It"- Dave Pelzer
14. The Mindful Path to Self Compassion
15.Don't Breathe a Word- Jennifer McMahon
16. My Horizontal Life- Chelsea Handler
17.Series of Unfortunate Events #1- Lemony Snicket
18. A Stolen Life- Jaycee Duggard
19. Heaven is For Real- Colton and Todd Burpo
20. The Bathtub Spy- Tom Rachman
21. Stargirl- Jerri Spinelli
22. Room- Emma Donahue
23. The Hour I First Believed- Wally Lamb
24. Someday Angeline- Louis Sachar
25.A Visit From the Goon Squad- Jennifer Egan
26.The Knight in Rusty Armor
27.The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde- Robert Louis Stevenson
28. Same Kind of Different as Me- Ron Hall
29. The Legend of Sleepy Hallow- Washington Irving
30. Fight Club- Chuck Palaniuk
31. Stardust- Neil Gaiman
32. Pidgeon English- Stephen Kelman
33. The Alchemist- Paolo Coelho
34. Sisters Grimm #1- Michael Buckley
35. Chelsea, Chelsea, Bang, Bang- Chelsea Handler
36. The London Eye Mystery- Siobhan Dowd
37. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time- Mark Haddon
38. A Long Way Gone- Ishmael Beah
39. Miss Daisy is Crazy- Dan Gutman (Reading Date Book #1 with J)
40. This I Believe- Jay Allison
41. The Highly Sensitve Person- Elaine N. Aron
42. Mr. Klutz is Nuts- Dan Gutman (Reading Date Book #2 with J)
43. Hunger Games (Again..)- Suzanne Collins
44. Mrs. Roopy is Loopy- Dan Gutman (Reading Date Book #3 with J)
45. ThxThxThx- Leah Dietrich
46. Uglies #1- Scott Westerfeld
47. I am Better Than Your Kids- Maddox
48. Pretties (Uglies #2)- Scott Westerfeld
49. Go the F*&K to Sleep- Adam Mansbach
50. Specials (Uglies #3)- Scott Westerfeld
51. Lies that Chelsea Handler Told Me- Chelsea Handler
52. (GOAL) Hiding From Love- John Townsend
53. Still Missing- Chevy Stevens

My Top 5 
1. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Series- I haven't been able to fly through a series this quickly since Harry Potter. I want to BE Lisbeth. She is an inspiring, hardcore, badass. She's a fighter. I love her. I was told these books were garbage. Yes, its graphic. Yes, it's intense... But how else are you going to fall in love with a set of characters if its not.
2. Fight Club- What an awesome book!!! It focuses on the primal aspects of the human condition, full of humor and sadness... So Good...
3. All things Chelsea-Tracy-Lately-Handler- I LOVE HER. I LOVE HER! I'll read and listen to anything this woman has to say in her books or on her show. All of her stories make me laugh. Most of the out loud. I love that mess...
4. Room- SO intense. So Sad... But unbelievably well written. Written from the point of view of a 5 year old boy who was born into an abduction situation. Shows how strong a bond between a mother and child is. Shows an example of true resiliency. So so good.
5. Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time- After J's Asperger's Diagnosis this year, I wanted to revist this story... A mystery being solved from the point of view of a young boy with Aspergers.

I Love Books...  Books in 2012 Best Be Ready!