Thursday, December 15, 2011


I am in love and utterly OBSESSED with Ms Chelsea Handler and her round table hilarity on Chelsea Lately. It gets my giggle fix for the day...
She never fails to teach me about all kinds of stupidity in the realm of politics, celebrities and reality television...
She's opinionated and inappropriate... Constantly
Always gifting me with some moments of exposure to raunchy things and still making me laugh!
I know that this may make me sound lame but I don't mind.
I have watched the new episodes of Chelsea EVERY day Mon through Thurs since Aug...
What can I say. I love this slutty, blonde, half Jewish, half Mormon, big chested, vodka loving, midget fetish'ing, New Jersey Bitch ...
Some people wish to shed tears with Oprah...
others would die to dance with Ellen (not gunna lie, I'd do it)..
But me?
I have actual dreams about making it onto the Chelsea Lately show;
be it for my lastest book, grammy nomination or YouTube brilliance.

I can only hope that my wit and humor will continue to grow so that I can be even HALF as entertaining.

And Chuy?
I Love that little Mexi "Nugget"