Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Today I decided to leave the house today, right as we had our first snow of the winter.... And tiptoe down the road to the Library...
Yes, the library...
The last time I entered such a building being while cramming for finals at the Y.
Not going there for 'fun' since going throughout elementary and middle school on Mondays with Marco and Dad.
I've decided that I need to put DOWN the Kindle for a bit and find another way to get through all of these books that I want to read..
Turn real pages and perhaps even use a bookmark.
My list of "To Read" books is just continuing to grow as I browse through new genres and random reviews of books that I never even dreamed into existance.
Also, as I am still working towards my 1 book per week/52 books this year goal, I find myself in the position of needing to find and buy books seemingly every few days.
I feel like some kind of Literature Vampire, "Lit Vamp" I called myself earlier today for short; thankfully needing more and more words, not blood..
Because that's just disgusting. 
I keep finding more and more meaningful quotes and insights to write down in the hopes to try and inspire me in my own writing.
I left about 35 minutes later, the proud owner of my shiny new blue library card and 4 books to devour in the coming days... Wanting to read through them quickly as I had to narrow down my chosen books from today down from around 12. Already excited to go back and find my next gems.
Pace Yourself Stephanie

Then tonight, I had the cutest reading date with my Bubby over the phone. After I had sent the kiddos books for Boo's birthday this month and J FINALLY fell in love with a book series that I got him, I thought that it would be a good bonding experience to read those books with him... Him laying on his bed in CA, me snuggled up next to my space heater in UT. We were on the phone for just shy of an hour and read 8 chapters back and forth in "Mr. Klutz is Nuts," giggling together at all the silliness.
Of course, I was reading them from my Kindle, so I now am supporting my habit and the developing addiction of my 6 yr old brother.
I know, I know. I seem to be obsessed with this kid, how smart he is and overjoyed at how much we are actually alike.
My mom sent me a picture, when she went into J's room to check on him and found him reading via mini booklight...

I almost melted on the spot, as that was EXACTLY how my mom used to find me in my room. I'd read before bed, and then after being told 'lights out,' I'd hide under my blankets with my flashlight until I fell asleep on my latest read OR got busted by mom for being up past bedtime.
I have to admit I am rather proud of myself for helping instill this reading madness into J.
We ended the phonecall with J and Boo asking me to say prayer with them and hearing them sleepy as they turned off the lights, smiling about reading with Stephie.

Good Day. Good Night.