Saturday, March 5, 2011

Crazy making

Tonight was insanity at the restaurant. I worked a double, saw a few people that I knew... sat, talked to, pleased about 50 gazillion people, walked about 20 gazillion more...
Biggest story of the night.. I was greeting and this young 20's guy comes up and says that he was here with his ENTIRE party of 40 and they were ready to get sat... 40 PEOPLE!!!! What in the heck?!?!?!?! We gave them a long large party quote... Lets just say that they apparently were not so happy with that. So impatient, that, no joke, every 20-25 minutes someone from the party came in and asked if even a partial portion of them could sit down...
NO... sit you and your incessant pain in the ass down in the beautiful almost-spring weather outside and wait, like anyone else who would even think to come to our restaurant on a Saturday night to eat.
I really don't understand people
1. I wouldn't even think to have that many people go somewhere that doesn't take reservations
2. I wouldn't stand waiting and meandering around the adjacent mall for that long
3. Hell, I don't think that I even know 40 people to bring to 1 dinner.

2nd story... We had a party of 12 come in for a birthday celebration and they had a special guest.
 A lifesize Justin Beiber cut-out with a bow. It was weird and hilarious... So many people came up and said something about it and taking pictures. So, tonight, Le Cheese had Beiber Fever. Bleh.

Goodness, okay enough and work madness.
I'm turning into a Cheese snob.
oh.. and I broke my shopping break today to buy a lousy bottle of hairspray. I want to curl my hair for work tomorrow... that seems legit enough to break my goal, right????