Saturday, February 12, 2011

Work Math

Remind me again, someone...oh PLEASE make me understand the seemingly,"World's Strongest Urge" to eat @ Le Cheese when we don't take resevervations.
Today/tonight's shift was the worst. Now it may seem that I say that every time that I have a rough shift... But this one may be some kind of list topper.
I started my desk shift at 11 this morning. This being Valentine's Weekend, lets just say the restaurant was a weee bit packed. 2 hour wait for 2 people... 4 and a half  hour wait for parties larger than 8. Does anyone know what this insanity equation looks like???
221 Names on the wait
+ lovey dovey weekend celebrations leading to sitting and stalling at tables for HOURS longer than it takes to eat
+ angry middle aged men trying to prove their masculinaty by demeaning the women at the host table, like we have complete control over which tables get up when allowing for the  perfect symmatry with table availiability and readiness of guest..
+ Having eating disordered guest Sister Sue come in and then falls over, passing out in the lobby.
Poor thing
+incessant shaking from my anxiety and vat sized amounts of Diet Coke
+6 Deskers....
One Crazy Mo-Fo Night...

Now It is 11 pm and I am beyond exhausted... Back to the grind again tomorrow