Monday, February 14, 2011

"Love Today"

Today was.... yet another day at work. People for the last week have been asking what I was going to do for Valentine's Day; my answer each time being that Le Cheese is my valentine. I worked a total of 13.4 hours today, on the restaurant's busiest day of the year. I am absolutely exhausted... 
I started out the first part of my shift in the office on the phones. They never stopped.
I told hundreds of people that "Unfortunately, we are not taking any reservations for tonight... We are going to be seating all of our guests on a first come first serve basis."
In response... "But I have to take my girl out..." "Are you f*!^kidding... you're expecting a 2 hour wait? How are people supposed to celebrate?" ... Well... maybe if you hadn't have waited until 6 pm the day of your date.. maybe you could have found somewhere else to eat.
A few of my favorite calls from today were...
  • "We have a party of 16 adults and 14 children for tonight... What time do you have a reservation for us?"   Both of managers just laughed when I told them, neither wanting to talk to this woman with such a brilliant idea.
  • (At about 7pm... middle of the busiet part of our rush....) Guest: Um hi, I would like to plaec an order for a slice of cheesecake to pick up for next Saturday. Me: you're just looking to pick up one slice? Guest: yes. I know that you guys are busy... I want it ready for that night to pick up between 10:30 and 11:30..
    This HAS to be a joke... She wasn't entirely pleased with me saying that we have all of our cakes with ready to serve slices at all times and that she could just walk in next Saturday and get her dessert in less than 3 minutes from our bakery.... weird
At one point it got too busy out front for the front desk to handle... and I got pulled out to work around the front desk for a while... which ended up being for the next 5 hours... My feet are broken due to the fact that I wore my hot grey heels for my officing day... i still can't really feel my big toes.

Surprisingly enough... I did have fun today. I struggled in the sense, that I didn't rock the house with my dietary amazingness.. I don't really know what happened to reset my brain to equate work=old Stephanie... But... That sure is how this weekend went down...
Ze dietician is going to just love me on Wed.... I tried to calll and cancel today... But Timmy got in the way of that. Boo... Brat..

K. This post is way random and most likely extremely annoying.. So, I end here..