Thursday, January 13, 2011

Newest Lovlies

Now I know that my blog must seem like I have a shopping addiction... With my "TOMS family" this and "Forever Cardi family" that...
Well rest assured all...
Its true.
I cannot seem to stay away from Nordy's or that beautiful rack of cardigans that seems to whisper sweet nothings into my ear every time that I go.
Here are the newest babies to my cardi fam.
#1 Agua My first had-to-have of the year.. Especially because it draws from my Mexican espanol heritage.
#2- Saturn (here comes cheesey) out of this world cutness.
#3 Zest It looks more lime greeney in real life but it is going to be worn non-stop I believe... as soon as Mr. Snow decides to hibernate and leave me with sunny sunshine chance to skip and play in.
#4 Heather Seascape Pretty darker blue with grey undertones... Can't stop wearing it now.
#5 Majesty Because who wouldn't want to be royalty in this purple beauty.
Momma has gotten busy...
23 kiddos in the bunch now....
Someone MUST STOP ME!!!