Saturday, January 29, 2011

Flip the Bird

So, I was shopping today and ran across an enmeshment of 2 of my loves.. shopping and Angry Birds

I started off my pleasureful procuring with TOMS... and these lovelies..

They are white and red and all kinds of
unpatriotic perfect.
and it wasn't until I was walking out that I saw this gem in the window of a store that I Never go into.

...irony of it all.. I HATE bacon and all of its greasy grossness. I have since gone out to lunch and tanning wearing this shirt today... Getting comments by several people whom I doubt could care less about what I was eating or abouthow the darkening of my skin is coming along...
it is the video game madness that binds us.. For all Ipod/phone owners, insomniacs and fun people alike Angry Birds is definately where its at....
What else can I say?

I love it.