Sunday, January 2, 2011

'11 Elevens

So, being the list maker exrtraordinaire that I am... I decided that I wanted to set 11 goals for this fine new year of 2011.... Not calling them Resolutions or anything... This is Just a To Do List..... 11 Things to Accomplish... Only thing special about this list, is that as I knock something off I want to have some kind of photographic visual proof that that I am doing it... So, you, fine reader can see progress along with me...

here they are

1. Figure out why God gave me 2010. Why did He give me 2011? Why did He give me today?

2. Get back into school. REAL school... no more of my online schtuff...

3. Read the whole Book of Mormon

4. Continue to build my forever Cardi and TOMS families

5. Read 52 novels in the 52 weeks of this year.... Yes. I'm feeling reading ambition

6. Make it out to see my East Coast Sisters

7. Either enjoy Le Cheese or find a job that I like going to every day

8. Learn to play a new instrument

9. Get my Passport and plan a foreign adventure

10. Blog more often

11. Start a novel