Saturday, January 29, 2011

Flip the Bird

So, I was shopping today and ran across an enmeshment of 2 of my loves.. shopping and Angry Birds

I started off my pleasureful procuring with TOMS... and these lovelies..

They are white and red and all kinds of
unpatriotic perfect.
and it wasn't until I was walking out that I saw this gem in the window of a store that I Never go into.

...irony of it all.. I HATE bacon and all of its greasy grossness. I have since gone out to lunch and tanning wearing this shirt today... Getting comments by several people whom I doubt could care less about what I was eating or abouthow the darkening of my skin is coming along...
it is the video game madness that binds us.. For all Ipod/phone owners, insomniacs and fun people alike Angry Birds is definately where its at....
What else can I say?

I love it.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

12th Eleven?

So... I did something today that made me want to add something of my list of things to accomplish this year...
Make a quilt?
Sew a skirt?

Today I sewed a pilowcase... A pillowcase!!! I know that it seems lame and such to start with that... but I have NEVER sewed anything IN MY LIFE...
Here's the proof
cute right?

It doesn't normally go with my usual OCD solids or stripes... but. I think it adds a bit of sass to my room.
I actually had fun doing it today to.
I don't know that I could remember how to do anything with the sewing machine again like I did today...
But, hey... First step... something small.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Newest Lovlies

Now I know that my blog must seem like I have a shopping addiction... With my "TOMS family" this and "Forever Cardi family" that...
Well rest assured all...
Its true.
I cannot seem to stay away from Nordy's or that beautiful rack of cardigans that seems to whisper sweet nothings into my ear every time that I go.
Here are the newest babies to my cardi fam.
#1 Agua My first had-to-have of the year.. Especially because it draws from my Mexican espanol heritage.
#2- Saturn (here comes cheesey) out of this world cutness.
#3 Zest It looks more lime greeney in real life but it is going to be worn non-stop I believe... as soon as Mr. Snow decides to hibernate and leave me with sunny sunshine chance to skip and play in.
#4 Heather Seascape Pretty darker blue with grey undertones... Can't stop wearing it now.
#5 Majesty Because who wouldn't want to be royalty in this purple beauty.
Momma has gotten busy...
23 kiddos in the bunch now....
Someone MUST STOP ME!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I've added a new member to my TOMS family... They are the loud mouth out of all the kids. The flashy, necklace wearing teenager that yells at mommy because she can't stay out past curfew.

They are black, sparkly, full of story and beautiful.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

'11 Elevens

So, being the list maker exrtraordinaire that I am... I decided that I wanted to set 11 goals for this fine new year of 2011.... Not calling them Resolutions or anything... This is Just a To Do List..... 11 Things to Accomplish... Only thing special about this list, is that as I knock something off I want to have some kind of photographic visual proof that that I am doing it... So, you, fine reader can see progress along with me...

here they are

1. Figure out why God gave me 2010. Why did He give me 2011? Why did He give me today?

2. Get back into school. REAL school... no more of my online schtuff...

3. Read the whole Book of Mormon

4. Continue to build my forever Cardi and TOMS families

5. Read 52 novels in the 52 weeks of this year.... Yes. I'm feeling reading ambition

6. Make it out to see my East Coast Sisters

7. Either enjoy Le Cheese or find a job that I like going to every day

8. Learn to play a new instrument

9. Get my Passport and plan a foreign adventure

10. Blog more often

11. Start a novel