Sunday, September 5, 2010

Thank You Gansta Steve

So... Back sooner than I expected... Good sign I hope.? (fingers crossed)

I am here today to tribute my beloved first car "Lacky," who tragically lost her life on Friday in a head on battle with a power line pole. My little brother Marco was surprising left relatively unscathed. However both the car and the pole were not quite so lucky.... The pole was leaning over and apparently knocked out power to 3+ blocks of neighborhood while it was being realigned....

Lil' Bro was helped out of the car by a Good Samaritan who pulled over (whom I have now lovingly nicknamed "Gansta Steve"), as there was fluid leaking from the truck and was catching fire underneath.
Momma Steph over here, was more than a tad freaked when I got the news... But, I of course pulled out my best and most fave Coping Skill, HUMOR to get me through it...
Leaving the ER,
GF, Sarah in toe
I had Marco laughing constantly as he was retelling his story. (ie. "gansta Steve, and making sure that he was properly waxed and juiced up for the day in order to look his finest for Frau Fireman)... He also had the entire hospital staff loving him and relishing in the makeshift shirt/poncho they made him, by cutting a hole in the crotch of a pair of 3XL scrub pants...

I just keep thinking and saying over and over how glad I am that he walked away from this... is home, enjoying a painkiller induced nappy time... The whole family is so grateful for our "Miracle Marco"