Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More of My Fam-Damily

I firstly need to apologize for my obvious disregard of etiquette.... Miss Emily Post would not be happy.... I have on my sidebar the list and nicknames of all the important people in my life and family members..... I realized today that I have woefully neglected a big piece of them... 
Readers... meet 
My Cardigan Family
Oh so lovely 
EEK! Its not hard to see that I give them more than adequate room to grow and socialize and love each other. When I brought home my first BP cardigan I had no idea, not even close how much love I can have for an article of clothing.. Enough to buy 16 different colors that now makes up this family...

Confession Time: You can scream and yell and call me prejudice and a horrendous mother  
because I do... in fact, play a smidgen 
of favoritism with my babies.
My newest love is Butterscotch (#4 from left)
Frenzy (#5) Odyssey (#8), Oatmeal (2nd to last)

Aren't they BEAUTIFUL???
I'll continue to add to my family, but I thought it was long past due that you met "the rest" of my fam!