Monday, May 24, 2010

Serving Snow

So, no work this morning...

Why, do you ask?
Because you unfortunately can't serve on the Patio when the evil clouds of doom decide to drop SNOW on your tables.
Holy Grrrrrr of anger

Upside for today. I got to see these pictures of the sibs, that I am dying to drive home to see in only 12 days..

This little sweetpea is enjoying her first pedicure with her momma this weekend in preparation to celebrate with.... This fine little stud who GRADUATED from Preschool yesterday! I am so proud of him. For all his smarts and art projects that got him through school... and also proud of how amazingly handsome an almost 5 year old can look in a cap and gown...

I wish I could have been there... soon.. very soon, I shall be getting my J-Bubby squeeze!