Saturday, April 10, 2010


I watched the oh-so-hilarious movie 28 Days last night with my besties B and W... Man, I love that movie. I love all the "chanting" and humor that fortunately and unfortunately is life in treatment...
Just wanted to share a few of my favorite quotes.

Betty- "Tonight's Lecture... How many brain cells did I kill last night?"

"Make a wish"
Roshanda- "Custody of my kids.."
Gerhart-"My foreskin back. No one asked me before they took it... They just took it."
Oliver- "Way to share Gerhart... Way to share."

This one kills me.. LOVE LOVE it

Can I say one more time how much I LOVE this movie? Gerhart may be my #2 person of people I wish I had as a friend list... right after Tracy of course. The last quote always kills me. It makes me wonder how many tangents like that Timmy (or any T really) has heard over the course of her time at Le Mansion.
I wish that I could come up with something that brilliant and then be able to keep a straight face through the delivery of lines...
must.. learn... how..