Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Lucky Penny

April 5th, 2010
Darling Kendall,
This is just a little note I've been wanting to write you.
Tomorrow we celebrate your day. A day we all thought would be spent together crying. We'd gather around you and your mommy to marvel that this new tiny life we'd been waiting for is finally here.
It has been so painful ro know that we all will miss out on that blessing.
There is so much to tell you Kendall, and I'm sure that more little notes from me are to come. So, today I just want to say Thank You.
It's overwhelming for me to see how much I have learned from you. More good has been done in your extremly short life than some people ever dream of accomplishing. It is heartbreaking to have you gone, but I truly believe that your sacrifice has shown your mommy that your love for each other would be enough to save her.
I thank you for bringing me my best friend. I'm sure we would have clicked either way; but I know that we were placed in each other's lives to help the other find hope.
I was lost Kendall; lost and looking for someone to cry with, someone to stumble through my grief next to; and through you we have both found a piece of our hearts that was taken.
I never got the privledge of meeting you beautiful girl;
but I know that you are forever part of my family.
You are dancing with my Daddy.
Thank you for being there so he'll never have to spend another day without a princess nearby.
I find peace in knowing that you both have company.
Even though we are not gathering tomorrow to meet you sweet Kendall, so many people who love and care for each other will still be gathering tomorrow and will still be crying. Crying tears of pain that we won't ever know whether you had blue eyes or curly hair along with tears of joy that even though we can't hug you, we still have the amazing woman that is your mother, to hug and have with is as a blessing.
You have shown your mommy that she is strong, that she is loved and that her life will better the lives of countless others. She had forgotten that.
Thank you sweetheart for reminding her.
Tomorrow will forever be your day.
None of us will meet you in this life, but I promise that we won't ever forget you.
It is impossible to lose an Angel.
Thank You Kendall Penny
Watch out for us
You're in my heart.