Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Memo to Self

Disclaimer: These are just a few random reminders for myself; written as my darling little brain still likes to cram good and useful information into the worlds best hiding places up there. That, and its probably worth writing positive reminders down while you've got 'em...
I swear, I used to be the best at hide and seek...

  • Remember to listen when you feel the need to reach out to a specific person. The feeling is always there for a reason. It's amazing how it works every time.
  • They are trying to help. Don't sabotage a great thing because you want to do the leaving.
  • Keep laughing
  • Calling it 'tiptoeing' doesn't make it any more justifiable with le dietician. dork.
  • Needing OR asking for more is okay. It is okay and not a step back. It is okay
  • Just Write.
  • Even when you don't want to... Just Follow the Plan.. Stop fighting it.. be like Nike.