Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'll Take it!

I know it is a common bandwagon to jump on; but I always join in with those who stand in Target, Costco or basically ANY store on November first looking around, almost flabbergasted, that the red-green-Xmas fairy came and conquered the world overnight.

It bugs me... Not the angry "Im going to break your face" kind of bugging...
It's more the "I can't believe we're surrounded by lights and trees already kind of way.

I tend to procrastinate and not start doing my prep until AFTER Thanksgiving and seeing people full throttle their way towards Christmas while their Halloween candy is still fresh... completely baffles me.

Today I found my exception...

I recieved these gems this morning as today is Christmas Picture Day at school!
These two make my life, and this foreshadow of Christmas is oh-so-warmly welcomed...
And even if its just for today, I've happily leaped off the bandwagon.