Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Envelope

I am slowly realizing the impact of my little seemingly brave and motivated move this week to hand over all, and I mean ALL of my secrets. Literally...

This includes all things that I managed to keep quiet throughout my ENTIRE stay at Le Mansion and my entire time working with Timmy.
Am I proud that I still have those?
No, but I never thought that I would be giving them to Care Bear. It is basically
in an envelope.
We didn't talk about them in session, as I agreed it would be easier for me to just give them to her, and let her decide whether to read them or if the act of handing them over was sufficient.
The problem now is that I keep wondering whether she has read them and what in the heck she could be thinking.
Hopefully not that she took on too much and is reconsidering stuff... OR...
That she now knows exactly what I need/should be dealing with and can call me that much faster on my games...
NOR do I want her to be sad.
I know that doing this assignment was "a big step," and what was going to need to do. I just don't know what's a comin' on Tuesday in sesh and whatever it is,

I hope I'm ready.