Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cabby Confession

I'd forgotten that weird yet icky feeling that accompanies trying to sit down and work on a therapy assignment.
As part of the challenge I will be posting what I come up with here for all my lovelies to read,
which doesn't make the warm and fuzzies dance inside me; but... I apparently need to
"actively express my emotions, instead of the passive screw you message" that I was sending. Oh how I have missed the blunt honesty of Miss Care Bear.

However, the insights that she is bringing to the table (or couches) right now are BRILLIANT.
I was always part of her fan club and thought she brought a lot to my Combined Group,
but she is bringing that amazement to a whole new level..
Again, more later.
I think that this post is just a distraction to not have to do my assignment. ha!
oh slacker Stephanie...

I'm just procrastinating this exposure to all the crazy painful work I have left to do.

Unfortunately some crazy cab driver kidnapped me from the corner of Numb and Denial, broke all kinds of speed laws and tossed me out at my new corner of Reality and Choices...

The rude man didn't even slow down... ;)