Saturday, September 19, 2009

First trip with Keanu

Tomorrow... Im out... Finally...
It has been a long time coming and a complete emotional drain.
I am very excited to move but am already
completely exhausted.
There has been much tears(not mine.. lol), arguing and anger that as of right now; I'm not really feeeling a lot about the whole thing.
I am going to miss the kids like crazy, it will be hard not to be able to help Marco in his bachelor pad, and I would be lying to say that I'd never miss the parentals or this huge house.
I am also aware that I have given this move a lot of meaning and have a lot of things I want to accomplish in this next piece of my journey.... I just hope I am up for it. That I still have it in me.
The goal is to get some sleep tonight.
I really don't need another accident on I-80... especially in my new car.