Monday, August 3, 2009

The Same Fourteen.

As part of this whole
task where I try writing down memories before they permanently vacation without me; I keep looking at different things, places I've been, and around the house just to see what I can stir up...
and as soon as I tapped into one today; I have a bunch of little lovelies that have to do with the staircase in my house.
so... lets play with a few..

*I am 9ish and I played a new game today. Mom got Marco a new big-boy bed that looks like a race car, so we need Daddy to get home to take the old mattress away. Marco asked me to play "pretend" with him and turn the mattress into a "SUPER COOL SLED" so we can ride it down the stairs (I mean....the crazy tall hill of snow.. duh...).
We did this for hours, getting more and more daring at how to sit or ride to the bottom before Mom finally stomped out our game... We weren't thrilled at the time, but she probably saved some brain cells.

*I am 6. Today is my birthday party!!! And I get to have a sleepover with more than one friend. We played with my Polly Pockets and everything was fine until we started chasing each other and Katie slipped on the way down the stairs. She was still wearing her socks, even when I told her not to...She did not flip over, but she is crying and scared and I hope she wont decide not to sleep over anymore. I shouldn't have let them chase her... She definitely got spooked, had the wind knocked out of her and was mellow the rest of the night. But we had been friends since kindergarden and she is still my sister in my 20's. So, she stuck around to make the trip up and down those same stairs countless times since then. She still likes to say that she "almost died" at my house. I've also gotten my head stuck between 2 rails, both Mom and Marco have tripped on the stairs; as did I at about some young tot age. At the bottom, my eyes had rolled to the back of my head, and I didn't cry until after my mom called my doctor for the emergency. Marco fell from near the top and grabbed the stair rail hoping to break his fall, but ended up bringing it with him as a souvenir. We had the holes from that side rail there for years before fixing it.

*I am 19 and visiting the family for a short break. I miss Utah but I am glad to see the babies and they are getting way too big. JBubby tonight was walking down the stairs trying to hold onto his toys, lost his grip on them and watched them tumble the rest of the way down.
J: "JACKIT!!!!"
Mom: Jack! you can't say things like that.....
J: "What Mommy?, I didn't say damnit."
Yup... I wish I could have a picture of her face.
The whole family had no breath, as Mr. Laughter scooped it all up.

*.. I am a young student and working on my goal to become the "best counter EVER".... I wanted to show everyone how high I could count, that I could get to the "big numbers." So on my way to bed I would HAVE to count all 14 stairs on the way up as I walked them. If I hesitated or messed up and somehow got to 15 at the top, I had to go back to the bottom and start all over.

*I am 20, watching mom follow Boo and Bubby up to bed. She gets them to giggle as she tries to bop or pinch their cute "apple-ettes (aka..their bum)." I smile as I love how they laugh... then I chuckle to myself as I realize that these kids will be able to walk normally up the stairs as adults. People will actually get to check out Boo Bear's jean pockets on the way to class.. When they get to the new house, there are no stairs, so no more bottoms for mom to bug on the way up... The cycle ends here.
I still can't have people behind me on the stairs, and I don't EVER go slow. I always trot or skip steps to get to the top faster or Ill go practically sideways my bum facing the wall. I'll catch myself in a busy public place, walking with one hand shielding my bum without even realizing it. Then Im caught giggling TO MYSELF in that same public place at how it amuses me that this has become so automatic.
Either way... Me on stairs... looks silly.

*I am 6,8,9,11,13,16... (heck use them all. I probably even did it this last week.) I am sitting on the stairs, where others can't see, just to listen.
Either to Mom and Dad arguing in their room (right at the top of the stairs),
in Dad's room (later on...under the stairs),
Mom and Dad arguing downstairs (they really must think our walls are magic),
Marco and Mom going at it over some undone chore,

Mom crying on the phone, on the floor, in the bathroom, or to any combination of people about gosh knows what.
I also sit listening to Mom singing to the kids,
Dad brushing his teeth,
JBubby reading to Boo or making up songs in the bath,
Stan-o flipping through all 6 million ESPNs and Marco writing new lyrics with his guitar.

Those steps are the place to be.
From my stairs, I can watch the world...
While here... I am never left out.