Saturday, August 1, 2009

As Jack Prays

To me, the best feeling
in the world is getting a Boo or JBubby squeeze.
Which may seem weird, as I'm not big on hugging...
What I love most about nights when I don't have work, is the ability to hear the kids say their nighttime prayers. They pray for the smallest, most otherwise forgotten things, that they can cherish just as much as their favorite toy. I learn so much from them on where to look for my blessings.
A while back, I started to write down the ones they said that really stuck out to me. The list started the night I sat at the table and heard J say this...

"Thank you for this food, for Daddy's Birthday and Thank you God for pepper."

He is able to just think of the things that immediately surround him and see that God is the answer, that He is responsible for his perfectly seasoned meal. Even the most spiritual of adults struggle with this.

Tonight I was watching the kids as the parentals went out to a party; which means I got to do the bedtime rituals with them alone.
I can't even describe the peace that settles in that room.
Where darkness usually terrifies me, and quiet never equals calm, I was able to sit in it, close my eyes and hear Boo be thankful for her princess panties and listen to my little man pray,

"Thank you God for having a stay-at-home-day today. Thank you for mommy and daddy having fun and getting home safe later. Thank you God for my sister. Thank you for turtle stars (their night-light) and Thank you God for hopscotch...."

As I sat between their two beds, rubbing both their backs while they fell asleep, I felt more still than I've been able to in weeks, maybe the most still since moving back here. I looked at them both and couldn't believe that I was allowed to be a piece of something so wonderful.

I asked Heavenly Father to help them always be able to recognize the seemingly small blessings in their lives; as this gift could help them through so much hurt in the future. I know that they will have trials, so I asked for His help so they won't doubt their worth or purpose, as I did. I asked that they will always be provided for nor will they be abandoned... I didn't ask for their lives to be perfect; because I know that isn't possible... But for as much as I love them,
please keep them safe and constantly reminded of the love they can already feel...
like a hand on their back as they drift to sleep.
So, Thank you God for J and Boo and chalk for hopscotch making. Thank you for flashlights and bedtime stories...
and Thank You God for letting me even know what a "turtle star" is...