Friday, July 24, 2009

Necessary Randoms

o, for the most part I want my posts to be the main way to get my personality out... However, I figured it wouldn't hurt to share some little randoms about me that may help any future craziness make sense. I limit myself to 3 as who knows how out of hand I'd take it...

1. I'm forgetful: Names, faces, dates, the location of my keys, phone, waterbottle, ipod, homework etc. etc.... You name it and I've probably lost mine. Along with those constant daily bits, many of my memories get packaged in the "things-i-can't-for-the-life-of-me-remember" box. Big events, little moments and what I had for lunch this weekend all snuggle up together to play hide and go seek and then don't tell me where they are. While I know factually that I went to so-and-so's party and to Hawaii the summer before 5th grade; I can't reconstruct them into a flowing mental experience. All I have is the pictures people take, what I've written down and what others tell me. There isn't any structural brain problem or damage (i've checked) so who knows what the deal is.

2. I'm all about being a Big Sister: I am the oldest in a family with 4 kids. Even though my relationships with my mother and step-father aren't what you'd call "ideal"; I adore my siblings and find so much of my peace and happiness in them. To keep them protected, I'll introduce by nicknames.
Marco: brother who's next in the line of command. Loud, almost a legal adult, drummer in a well-known local band, spontaneous, confident... all things I wish came naturally to me. I have much to learn from him. (good pic of him to come soon!)
J-Bubby: my 4 year old genius of a brother. He's been able to read, and I mean actually read for months now. He's the ONLY person in my family who I will let snuggle with me and is my little buddy for everything.
Last but never forgotten is Mela: 2 and a half, all girl and all DIVA. She is too cute and precocious for words and knows already how to get exactly what she wants... Mom is in trouble with that one.
Basically: I love them!

3. I think that Ed ruins lives: don't know who this Ed person is??? Good! It is music to my ears when people are not acquainted. Ed stands for eating disorder. I have struggled over 10 years and I am about tired of all the attached garbage. I "graduated" from Le Mansion (treatment) over a year ago. My recovery is a big part of my life, my current journey and part of why I have chosen to blog. I'm sure there will be much more on this topic, so for now, just join the official I hate eating disorders Club. Trust me, there's no secret password and you, yes even you, are cool enough to join.

Enough randoms for now...