Friday, July 31, 2009

Save the chimney!

I am 6 or 7 years old. I am the child that likes to play alone or just sit and read. I have spent close to a WHOLE HOUR building a dreamy log cabin mansion from my Linc
oln Logs. I even had a full roof and some form of a chimney going on... I was so proud of my perfect little masterpiece. It looked pretty sweet.
I ran out of the playroom to find Marco (who is 4ish) and basically drag him back to come marvel at my feat.

He Smirks.
Tells me that it looks cool
Then kicks the cabin like the soccer ball he's not supposed to be playing with in the house. Mom said.
My mouth dropped open in shock.
I didn't tattle, I just cried while organizing the pieces back in the box.

This is a favorite Marco Moment. While I definitely didn't find it funny at the time, we both die laughing every time it comes up now; because he is still the exact same pain in the butt little brother. He didn't do it to be menacing or cruel. He did it because at that moment, he thought it would be funny and that it would introduce some mess (literally) into my world and basically he just felt like it. This is the same motivation behind every butt-head thing he does now. Bud, you are still the only one who can put that mouth drop look on my face as fast as you can; a prize you wear proudly. How do I know?
You still get that smirk...